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Post by Assa! on Mon May 02, 2011 2:54 pm

Well.. Since valks are already fucked up, I'd like to try myself as gm...
So if any1 want/can/like to join Delirium pm me! :)!

Don't have to leave Clandestine, and you're not made to... (Of course I'd still love you guys, that's something that'll never change)

Well, now to business, Imma try to make aesprikas! :D And hopefully if that works out bryns... No intentions to monopolize server, just one Rachel and one Yuno.. And OF COURSE! Help Clandestine to make their own aesprikas if they want! :)!!! (The real fact, is to grow up, and when Delirium is strong, help Clandestine!)

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